How it works

Arriving in a timely fashion we work seamlessly with just about any place and any space. Needing only solid ground and a power supply or generator we can set up inside or out depending on the weather. We then slip into your event like fancy formal ninjas and set up our booth in the area appointed staying close by to make sure it all goes smooth as.

Then all you need to do is: Step inside, push a button, check yourself out, countdown, strike a pose, repeat, and your photos will print out in seconds. Our fun and friendly photobooth attendant works diligently with you and your guests to ensure everyone from the cautious to courageous has a choice experience. Please contact us if you have any queries what so ever, we’d love to hear from you!



Why should I get a Photobooth?

A Photobooth is perfect for any gathering of people of any age.  Birthday Parties, School Parties, Costume Parties, Reunions, School Balls, Work Dos, Anniversaries, Bridal showers, Baby showers & more.  It breaks the ice, softens those awkward  social walls, and gives you and your guests a shining beacon of laughter filled light to congregate around spitting out fun shareable memories to take home with them instantly and to have for ever and ever.


How big is the booth?  How much room does it take up?

The booth measures 180cm high, 75cm in width, and 45cm deep.  We require a total floor plan of 3m by 1.5m to allow just enough room for props and passage.


How many people can fit in the photo booth at one time?

With the attachable curtain backdrop you can fit up to 5 adults inside.  Two on the comfortable provided bench seat and three standing in the back. Organizers will often request to have the curtain railing off having an open-air Photobooth option which can accommodate parties as high as 10 if you all squeeze in.  In fact the limit has yet to have been reached.  So go on try for the record!  If you can see your self in the monitor than you will be in the picture.


Will someone stay with the booth the whole time?

YES.  We always have a fun and friendly professional seasoned party trained attendant standing close by to make sure everything goes smooth as.   Maybe it’s helping guests throughout the photobooth process, collecting their photos, or organizing the props, we take pride in being attentive and available.


What are your travel costs?

We charge just 70 cents per km for travel outside of Christchurch and would be delighted to discuss all travel options and availability with you.


How many photos can you take?

The photos are unlimited for the duration of hire.  Yes that’s right!  You can take as many photos as your heart desires.  The camera clicks and the flash flashes about every 15 seconds allowing you time to see the last photo, change faces, places or props.


Where do all the photos end up?

The event organizer will receive a disk of all digital images in both strip form and individual jpg form by the end of the service.  The images will also be available to be viewed in strip form on our password protected online gallery within the FIND YOUR ALBUM page.   To obtain the password please contact your event organizer.


Do you update them immediately to facebook or other social media sites?

No.  The photos collected from your event all end up in disc form in your hands and a password protected album on our website or incinerated at your request.


When is the best time for a photo booth at my Wedding?

Our photobooth service works perfect in that 2-3 hour time frame after the Ceremony when your guests are free to roam the grounds of the no doubt gorgeous venue you have chosen, possibly having tapas and cocktails, and meeting each other for the first time.  It’s perfect for entertaining your guests while you and your partner are taking photos with the bridal party. Another great time is just after dinner when everyone has already had a formal chat, introductions have well been made, and it’s time to straight up party.